Student Project Booklet No. 3 published from the work of our students

Student Project Booklet No. 3  published from the work of our students
The publication is a selection of student projects related to the course “Pedagogical Support for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities” in the pedagogy for the intellectual disability specialization. The project booklet was edited by Ildikó Dunás-Varga (Assistant Lecturer, ELTE BGGYK ATIVIK).

The aim of the booklet is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the target group with ideas that can be applied in practice and adapted to their needs and abilities. Another aim is to make the knowledge generated in the field accessible, so each project product can be freely downloaded and used, while respecting copyright! The previous booklets have also been well received: the first issue has been downloaded over 1000 times, the second issue is close to 800, and has been published on the Disability Information Portal and included in the ELTE Student Innovations.

The most recent publication presents three projects. The first one focuses on environmental education and protection, which can be seen as a niche project. In the second project, the students produced a booklet on household accidents, entitled "Clear Communication". The third project focused on menstruation-related knowledge.

The online project booklet can be downloaded from ELTE EDIT.