A study by our colleagues published in the Disability & Society

A study by our colleagues published in the Disability & Society
The C19 Research Group, in which our faculty is represented by Zsuzsa Kondor PhD, Borbála Bányai PhD (both from the Institute of Disability and Social Participation) and Lucia Csabai PhD (Institute of Atypical Behaviour and Cognition in Special Education), was established to present innovative solutions to help people with disabilities during the pandemic.

The research findings of the C19 Research Group have recently been published in the journal Disability and Society under the title "The functioning of European social protection systems in fulfilling the needs of persons with disabilities during COVID-19 - a semi-systematic review." The study examines how European social welfare systems were able to support persons with disabilities and their families during the COVID-19 epidemic in Europe.

The publication is available at: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/09687599.2024.2323452

The publication was created in the framework of the grant "Social innovations in the ecosystem of formal and informal sectors supporting persons with disabilities during the COVID-19 epidemic," supported by the MTA Post-COVID grant 2021.

The Research Group is composed of:

Dr. Katalin Tausz professor emeritus (ELTE TÁTK Department of Social Policy)

Bányai Borbála PhD, ELTE BGGYK

Lucia Csabai PhD, ELTE BGGYK, TASZ disability expert

Zsuzsa Kondor PhD, ELTE BGGYK

Nóra Menich PhD, Centre for Social Science Research